The SportsCrew | 2017 Awesome Fantasy Football Team Names
A Compiled List Of Clever Fantasy Football Team Names
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2017 Fun Fantasy Football Team Names

2017 Fun Fantasy Football Team Names

By: Shane Thompson and Lou Landers – @realSportsCrew

Whether you’re done all your drafts already, still have some to go or haven’t had any yet, at some point you will need to choose a team name. Let us save you some brain power and thinking time by providing you with this list of our favorite Fantasy Football Names.


1) Ware’s Spencer?
2) I Snead a Blount
3) Brate and Barrel
4) Eifert Tower
5) Sherlock Andre Holmes
6) Green Eggs and Graham
7) Fifty Shades of Darius Slay
8) Dr Jekyll and Carlos Hyde
9) Dak Attack
10) You’ve Gotta be Witten Me?!
11) Get in the Carson
12) Connect Fournette
13) Hangin’ with Amari Cooper
14) I Sanu u Wentz for a Blount
15) Good Morning Woodhead
16) To the Window, to the Rawls
17) Tyrell Montell Williams
18) Famous Jameis
19) My Britt’s are Green and Brown
20) I’ve gotta Thielen!
21) Coates and Ho’s
22) Pop Lockett, Drop It
23) I Gano What You did Last Summer
24) Don’t Date your Cousins
25) Henne and Coke


Which name is your favorite and do you have one of your own? Let us Know!

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