The SportsCrew | 2017 NBA Playoffs Preview
A Look Into The 2017 NBA Playoffs
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2017 NBA Playoffs: Expectations and Upsets

2017 NBA Playoffs: Expectations and Upsets

By: Jose Cornell

Two days before the NBA playoffs kickoff and the hype and expectations are already underway.
Some seeds haven’t gone as some people predicted they would go..but hey that is what the playoff are right? a series of sweeps and upsets and even games that come down to the wire when it matters most. A lot of people have written off other teams in besides the Cleveland Cavaliers and The Golden State Warriors part.3 but here is what to expect this year….
My personal opinion for the team that will make it out of the Eastern conference is none other than the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although the Boston Celtics stole the first seed it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best team in the East. The road to the Eastern conference has pretty much been a cakewalk for Lebron James for pretty much throughout his career besides the was the big 3 in Boston who used to haunt him. Ever since he got over that hill its been smooth sailing. The trio of Lebron, kyrie Irving and Kevin love are nearly unstoppable as it is but with the addition of Deron Williams, Derrick Williams and Kyle Korver create more space on the floor to allow the big 3 to be effective and create opportunities for the rest of the team to be successful. Korver and Jr.Smith are most likely expected to be the x-factors this postseason. If those two get going then who knows what this team is capable of come the finals.
For the team that I have coming out of the west I have the San Antonio Spurs..Now i know it might sound crazy that i have this pick despite the year that the Warriors have had but let me explain.
One specific and basically the easiest and most obvious reason i chose San Antonio is because of Kawhi Leonard. Everyone knows and understands the greatness of Coach Greg Popovich but how well is the greatness of Kawhi Leonard recognized? Kawhi is a 2x defensive player of the year along with being a 2x all-star and a finals MVP. He’s known as the claw to many but he’s come along way from just being a defense first type of player. His offensive game has improved insanely and to top it off he is a team player and is extremely unselfish. Greg ¬†always has that team ready to go all the time and are basically predicted to reach the finals just about every year but now that The Tim Duncan era is over the keys have been handed over to Kawhi Leonard to lead them to the promise land. So my official pick to win the 2017 NBA finals will be the Cleveland Cavaliers because i think eventually the trio of James, Irving and love will be to much to overcome.
Who to watch out for?
My pick for the underdogs of the playoffs will have to be the Houston Rockets.
They’re amazing 3 point shooting has really taken other opponents off guard.
With the additions of Eric Gordon, Lou Williams and Ryan Anderson has made the rockets ungaurdable from the out side while James Harden being the leader and his ability to penetrate and kick the ball out. The first round against the Oklahoma city thunder should be on of the best series to keep an eye out for.
Does the world really want a Cavs vs Warriors rematch?
A rematch between these two teams would be respectable and obvious but without disrespect to the other teams the world really wouldn’t be surprised if this rematch did happen especially with the addition of Kevin Durant who many expect Golden state and Durant to finally get that elusive first ring and stepping out of Lebron James shadow. Without a doubt Steph curry and the gang will be looking for vengeance but dethroning the king is no walk in the park. The match ups would be Lebron vs Durant, Curry vs Irving and who wouldn’t want to see those four guys go head to head. There is no doubt that this finals match up will be one for the ages.
  • Sandro J Marrerro
    Posted at 18:16h, 14 April Reply

    Awesome job, well said

  • Sandro J Marrerro
    Posted at 18:17h, 14 April Reply

    Awesome job, well said.

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