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Costly Offside Penalty: NBA Playoffs First Round Breakdown/Stanley Cup Playoffs Round Two PREVIEW! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION!

Costly Offside Penalty: NBA Playoffs First Round Breakdown/Stanley Cup Playoffs Round Two PREVIEW! PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION!



WHAT’S HAPPENING SPORTSCREW!? Welcome to THE COSTLY OFFSIDE PENALTY! I’m your host, Mike Stromme and on today’s show, we’ll break-down the LATEST in the:




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1) Toronto Raptors v.s. 8) Washington Wizards:

Raps dropped both games in WSH, blew a 10-pt lead in Gm4.

Washington has won L7 HOME PLAYOFF GAMES!

Wall remembers what Drake said.

Raptors have dropped 10 of L12 road playoff games: 8-31 in playoffs ALL TIME on American soil.

Game 5 goes TOMORROW in Toronto!


2) Boston Celtics v.s. 7) Milwaukee Bucks

Like I said last week: CLASSIC offense v.s. defense: Will be tight all the way.

Boston has a unique ability to slow down pace, play on their terms.  However, Bucks have the fire power to go on a run, not sure if BOS can keep up if things get out of hand.

Bucks put them away early in GM3, Middleton and Antetokounmpo powered Aaron Rodgers’ Bucks in GM 4.

Series is destined to go seven games: game five tips off TONIGHT!


3) Philadelphia 76ers v.s. 6) Miami Heat

Sixers took their talents to South Beach, won both games in MIA.

Return of Embiid HUGE BOOST. Came back in Gm 3, averaged 19.5 PPG, 9.5 boards.

Will likely finish-off MIA, but the “Process” is still on-going! I still think this team’s too young right now. Let’s see how they do against the Big Boys in the east.



4) Cleveland Cavaliers v.s. 5) Indiana Pacers


Besides GM1, Every game has been decided by within 4 pts.

Each team has taken an L at home.

LeBron is AGELESS! Averaging 32.5 PPG.

Pacers playing with chip on their shoulder: Oladipo remembers how Dan Gilbert added his two cents on the Paul George deal.

The league NEEDED this series! Finally, a little bit of first-round INTRIGUE!

The Pivitol GM5 tilt tips-off tomorrow at 7 in THE LAND!


1)Houston Rockets v.s. 8) Minnesota Timberwolves

Rockets have dominated most of this series: Won Gm 2 and GM4 by 20 and 19 pts respectively.

Capela out-played Towns in the paint: Towns slowly catching up though! played better in GM3/4

Pressure’s ALL ON Houston: MIN young team with nothing to lose.

Not a bad showing from YOUNG eight-seed: I still think this series might be a little closer than we think.

Game 5 will go-down TOMORROW NIGHT!


2) Golden State Warriors v.s 7) San Antonio Spurs

Golden State has DOMINATED most of this series, taking a 3-1 series lead.

Spurs stole game 4, had emotional chip on their shoulder in the situation surrounding the death of Erin Popovich.

Ginoboli turned back the clock, motivated the Spurs with a heartfelt pregame speech.

Could this be the Spurs’ catalyst for a comeback? Not likely, but looks like the Spurs might make this interesting…

Game five tips off at 10:30 EST in Oakland.


4) Oklahoma City Thunder v.s. 5) Utah Jazz

Paul George and Russell Westbrook to control of game one, tuning out the Jazz 116-108 in Game one…

HOWEVER! The Jazz clapped back with THREE STRAIGHT WINS!

Donovan Mitchell has BALLED OUT! Rookie has averaged 27.5 PPG this series.

In a SPIRITED SERIES, Westbrook chirped by MITT ROMNEY! Raps have Drake, Lakers have Jack Nicholson, Knicks have Spike Lee… The Utah Jazz have Mitt Fucking Romney…

Jazz have won by an average of 12.3 PTS in GMS 2-4

Like I said last week, the Thunder can look dominant at times, they have been known to be a bit of a bit of a vanishing act at times this season.

I expect the Jazz to finish this one off, could it be TOMORROW NIGHT?!



3) Portland Trail Blazers vs 6) New Orleans Pelicans



Like I said last week, the BACKCOURT was the difference for NO.

Rajon Rando/ Jrue Holliday either MATCHED or OUTPLAYED the Portland Back Court… Leaving Anthony Davis to FEAST!

The Pelicans will get the winner of Spurs-Warriors next round.


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2) Boston Bruins v.s. 3) Toronto Maple Leafs

Leafs rebounded after a couple of beatdowns in bean town.

The buds shut-down the Bruins’ top-line of Pastrnak, Bergeron and Marchand. After combining for 20 points in the first two games of the series, the trio have ONE ASSIST COMBINED since.

Coach Mike Babcock made adjustments, moved deadline aquisition thomas plekanic from the fourth line, to the second line.

Cleared the Bruins out of the crease!


Kadri’s back.

Emotional game 6 in TOR HOURS after a man in a rental van drove into a crowd of DOZENS of pedestrians.

Leafs have been playing loose, with NOTHING TO LOSE since game 4. If I’m the T-Wolves and Tom Thibideau, I point to this series as a catalyst.

Game SEVEN goes tomorrow night!

Winner will take-on the Tampa Bay Lightening in the next round.




Washington vs Pittsburgh:

Pens have taken-down the Caps in the second round BOTH TIMES on their way to back-to-back cups.

Crosby: 13 pts in 6 games! (6 goals)

Ovechkin: 5 goals in 6 games.

Both big guns, along with kuznetzov and guentezel, have played a HUGE roll for both teams.

Teams split the season series two games a piece.

Series starts in Washington.



Vegas vs San Jose

Both teams SWEPT the LA-area teams. (which seems like it happened forever ago)

Time off/limited travel schedule will be HUGE for the winner of this series.

Marc-Andre Fleury: EARLY Conn Smythe Favourite: has allowed 3 goals TOTAL in four-game sweep.

Vegas took the season series 3-1, three of the four decisions were one-goal games.

The series begins on THE STRIP.


Nashville vs Winnipeg

This might be the BEST series of the entire playoffs…

NSH finished with 117 pts (1st) Winnipeg 114 (2nd)

Both teams have looked UNSTOPPABLE at times!

Pikka Rinne has looked human at points in this series, was the Achilles heel of the team in last year’s final.

The only time WPG looked vunerable this series was GM 3 in MIN, team had a flight moved up to THE MORNING OF the game. Out-scored the Wild 14-3 in GMS 1,2,4 and 5.

Interesting to see how these passionate fan bases react to this series… Gimme the ‘Peg!



Times and dates of second round series have YET TO BE ANNOUNCED! Something should come-up following Leafs-Bruins game seven on Wednesday.


That’ll do it for THE COSTLY OFFSIDE PENALTY! As always, be sure to follow the sportscrew @realsportscrew on twitter and Instagram and be sure to follow @stromme_93 on twitter!

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I’m Mike Stromme, I’ll see you next time! Sportscrew Radio Network over and outttttttt!

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