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Randy Levine Trashes Yankees Star RP
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Dellin Vs Levine: The Harsh Reality of Sports Business.

Dellin Vs Levine: The Harsh Reality of Sports Business.

By Corey Michael Reign

On Saturday, the New York Yankees star reliever, Dellin Betances, lost his arbitration hearing. The big right hander had to settle for 3 million instead of the asking price of 5. Fans and media outlets alike began to panic. How could they lowball their star reliever? The truth is, these people are misinformed. The process known as arbitration was put in place to protect teams from immediately having to shell out huge contracts. This way if the player performs he is going to get his payday either way. Just not for the first few years. So nothing was done wrong, Saturday. From a business and money standpoint. Dellin was likely disappointed but was ready to move on.

Then later we get reports team president Randy Levine, called a press conference. Levine proceeds to trash Dellin’s agent. Calling the offer not in reality. The most shocking and uncalled for tidbit, came when we learned Levine basically trashed Betances for 90 minutes in the hearing. Saying he’s never been a closer, never been to the playoffs, and is somehow responsible for the declining ticket sales. Levine says the numbers just aren’t there.

This man couldn’t be more wrong and more inappropriate. First of all, you don’t publicly trash a player who has always been phenomenal. Both on and off the field. Who has been to three all-star games in a row, and clearly is one of the best in the game. 392 KS and a 1.93 era in 3 seasons. Those numbers are THERE. This is PR nightmare. I’m not suggesting it will doom the franchise or stunt the plan of youth. What I am saying is that respect is a two way street. And Mr. Betances deserves that much. Time to re-evaluate things, New York. Maybe keep these things in house. Even if this is par for the course in these hearings, there is no need to speak flat out lies and disrespect. I’m speaking to you, Randy.

All in all this will probably blow over. Dellin is a great kid and will do what is best for his team. That Is why I will go to bat for him every single time. So his comments about maybe he needs to look at how he is used more, are probably mere frustration. If the Yanks win and gel, all this will look like ancient history, come summer. Time will tell what it means comes 2020.

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