The SportsCrew | MLB Daily Fantasy Spots Picks 08/16/17
Smart MLB DFS Plays For Wednesday August 16th, 2017
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Don’t Stress on Your DFS! 08/16/17

Don’t Stress on Your DFS! 08/16/17

By: Shane Thompson 

In a perfect DFS world, you want to start and all-star team every day but unfortunately that’s not possible. I have been playing Draft Kings and FanDuel for years now and have won myself a good chunk of change, but more importantly I have helped others like you, win money too! Buying low is not only key but knowing the match ups play a significant role in winning on a consistent basis. These three guys will be impactful this week for you.


1. A.J. Pollock, OF, AZ, $3900

For a guy that can hit for power, average and steal bases, this price is too hard to pass up. Not to mention that they go into Minnesota this weekend whose pitching staff is starting to run out of gas. I know the Arizona Diamondbacks go on cold stretches on the road here and there, but Pollock is as solid as it gets. They just played the Dodgers, Cubs and Astros who all have solid pitching staffs, so this matchup with the Twins will get him going again.



2. Rafael Devers, 3B, BOS, $4600

Yes, the price might be a bit of a head scratcher but the production is off the charts. The majority of the top tier third basemen are at $5000 plus which in some cases, makes Devers a steal. He has 12 plus DK points in four straight, batting .348 with a 1.048OPS. They have the New York Yankees coming into Boston and Devers doesn’t have to face Luis Severino which is a huge plus. All in all, he’s playing lights out baseball and while he continues to swing a hot stick, he should be in your lineup every day.


3. Michael Taylor, OF, WSH, $4300

You can argue that this isn’t that great of a play with Bryce Harper being injured, but the good news is that Taylor plays the San Diego Padres in this upcoming series. This has been somewhat of a breakout season for Taylor when he has been healthy and the Nationals will be relying on him even more heavily over the next several weeks. The combination of speed and power that he possesses, coupled with a good lineup and juicy match up, has me intrigued. I am in the belief that Taylor will be very effective. If I am wrong, you know where to find me!


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