The SportsCrew | 2018 Fantasy Baseball: Sell-High Candidates For Keepers/Dynasty
Trade These Players Away In Fantasy Baseball While Their Values Are At All-Time Highs
2018 Fantasy Baseball, Sell-High Candidates, Keeper/Dynasty Leagues
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Fantasy Baseball Sell High Candidates For Keeper/Dynasty Formats

Fantasy Baseball Sell High Candidates For Keeper/Dynasty Formats

By: Lou Landers – @realSportsCrew

Sell high on these players while their values are at an all time high! If you’re in a Dynasty or Keeper format, you can always think about next season, even if you’re competing for the championship this season. Check out the MLB Diamond Dash Podcast where our experts discuss injuries around the league, exciting weekend series matchup’s and 2018 Fantasy Baseball player rankings.


Logan Morrison (TB):

Not only has Morrison’s production slowed down quite a bit in the second half of the season, but he turns 30 years old in a few weeks, so this break out campaign may just be a flash in the pan. He has already set a career high in walks, HR, Runs, and is almost a lock to break his career high in RBI as well. With all of those career highs, and having nothing in his history to suggest being that he can have this type of season again, this is the time to trade him. This is a move that is a MUST if you’re no longer contending this year and there are people in your leagues who lack power or a 1B. The last time Morrison even came close to this sort of production was all the way back in 2011 with the Marlins and he followed that with very mediocre season’s in Miami, Seattle and even last season with the Rays. To illustrate how inconsistent his career has been and why I believe it’s not sustainable; he has now been in the league for 8 seasons and he has hit over 1/4 of his career homers in 2017.


Alex Wood (LAD):

I do think Wood is for real and the fact that he is only 26 years old leads me to believe that this is his break out season and that he’s poised for another great year next season and beyond. However, prior to 2017, Wood only had 1 season in which he finished with a record over .500 and has had only 1 season where his ERA was sub 3.00. I’ve already stated that I expect him to be a good SP for years to come, but I am suggesting that his value is currently at an all-time high and this would be the time to reap the rewards. He is on the best team in baseball, has a 13-1 record, more than a K per inning and made his first ever All-Star game. I am the type of fantasy player who likes to sell high on players, and with the lack of consistent SP this season, you could get a huge haul for Wood from the right owner. Get your sellers cap on!


Eduardo Nunez (BOS):

Nunez has been one of the best hitters in baseball since his trade to the Red Sox and continues to light up the stat sheet. His position eligibility in fantasy also makes him quite valuable as well.  He has shown flashes of brilliance before but at some point he always seems to come back down to earth and enter a serious cold streak. I’m not sure when that will occur but I do expect it to happen, so if you can, sell him now for a nice piece next season or maybe for a closer if you lack saves this season. Nunez got a lot of people excited last season when he stole 40 bases but this year he has only 21. Of course that still helps in fantasy but he certainly isn’t close to his career high mark set in 2016. It’s worth noting however that he has 3 SB in just 9 games with Boston and if he keeps hitting this well, manager Jon Farrell will find a way to keep getting his bat in the lineup. If he does begin to slow down though, he’s at risk of losing playing time upon Dustin Pedroia’s return to the lineup.


Jason Vargas (KC):

Vargas has been a great story this year and is easily having the best season of his career. He currently has 13 wins, an ERA just over 3.00 and a 1.23 Whip. The problem is that he has never shown this type of success previously and in his last 30 days, he has pitched to an ERA close to 6.00 and a Whip over 1.70. The most alarming stat in the last 30 days is his 9 walks in 18 innings, which is a recipe for disaster when you’re also allowing more than a hit per inning during that stretch as well. The fact that Vargas still has an overall good stat line on the season, and that he pitches for a contending team like the Royals, makes him a pretty easy guy to sell to owners in need of SP. The time to act is now, because if he has a couple more terrible starts in his next few outings, you likely won’t be able to move him at all; so be proactive, rather than reactive.

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