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Get Your Early Fantasy Football Fix With The QB Rankings
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Fantasy Football: Pre-Training Camp QB Rankings

Fantasy Football: Pre-Training Camp QB Rankings

By: Mike Stromme


Alright, ladies and gent, it’s officially that time of year! Time to get ready to start to think about fantasy football.

A few things to keep in mind:

These rankings are pretty straight-forward, and geared towards basic full-point PPR formats. For quarterbacks, I’m using 6-points for a touchdown, -1 for an interception.

These rankings are fluid, and will be updated throughout the rest of the offseason/preseason whenever I see fit (injuries, trades, etc). I don’t see too much happening between now and Week 1 from a roster movement stand-point that would impact the names on this list, but you never know. Let’s just hope nobody goes down with a catastrophic injury like a torn ACL or something, get arrested, or suspended between now and then. But hey, there’s always going to be something… Trust me, there’s always something!

These rankings are generally just going to be a straight-forward list. For further analysis, tune into The Best Damn NFL Show Ever and Ever, with my co-host, Lou Landers. We will be LIVE on-air every Tuesday evening at 6:30 P.M. EST on The SportsCrew Radio Network. The show will make it’s 2017 debut on America’s birthday, The Fourth of July! Grab a hot dog off the grill, a Corona out of the cooler and come join us!

The stats beside my QB rank are MY personal projections, not the respective player’s stats from last season. File any complaints or grievances to @stromme_93 on the Twitter machine.


Tier 1: 

1) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: (Passing: 376/578-4,566-39-7, Rushing: 75-443-4)

2) Tom Brady, New England Patriots: (Passing: 396/620-4,650-42-6)

3) Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts: (Passing: 326/550-4,263-34-14, Rushing: 66-315-3)

4) Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: (Passing: 465/672-5,107-36-17)


Tier 2: 

5) Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks (Passing: 342/529-4,232-30-11, Rushing: 88-493-2)

6) Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans: (Passing: 320/504-4,302-31-8, Rushing: 70-451-3)

Mobile quarterbacks provide additional value in fantasy. (Image from NY Daily News.)

7) Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills (Passing: 396/633-4,096-23-9, Rushing: 86-490-4)

8) Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: (Passing: 356/561-4,151-30-17, Rushing: 53-378-2)

9) Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers: (Passing: 303/544-3,939-21-15, Rushing: 114-435-7)

Can you sense a theme with this tier?

Yes, I value QBs who can run and accumulate fantasy points with their legs a little more than the above-average quarterback that tends to stay in the pocket. This is why the reigning MVP will (spoiler alert) just BARELY crack my top-ten. It’s just, with these rushing QB-types, there’s a built-in advantage with their ability to score with their legs. It’s almost like rostering a QB and a low-end RB in the QB1 slot, it tends to come-in handy.

Tier 3:

10) Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons: (Passing: 376/546-4,719-29-11)

11) Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys: (Passing: 312/480-3,840-24-7, Rushing: 57-297-6)

12) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: (Passing: 313/488-3,803-25-13)*


*Roethlisberger’s stats are projected over 13 games, since he can’t stay healthy (just three career seasons of 16 regular season games played since 2004).


Tier 4: 

13) Eli Manning, New York Giants: (Passing: 385/580-4,431-33-15)

Phillip Rivers has been a steady fantasy option for years. (Image from Newsday.)

14) Phillip River, Los Angeles Chargers: (Passing: 362/562-4,440-33-16)

15) Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals: (Passing:  379/608-4,499-32-15)

16) Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: (Passing: 397/600-4,350-28-12)

17) Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: (Passing: 359/552-4,021-29-8)

18) Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins: (Passing: 369/539-4,204-25-11)



Honestly, these are the types of quarterbacks that will end-up on most of my rosters. The per-game production for each of these guys is almost negligible. Many of these guys can be had in the mid-to-late rounds of most 10-12 team leagues.


Tier 5: 

19) Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars: (Passing: 321/546-3,604-22-14, Rushing: 58-375-2)

20) Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals: (Passing: 338/520-3,796-26-8)

21) Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles: (Passing: 349/537-4,028-24-11)

22) Sam Bradford, Minnesota Vikings: (Passing: 380/584-4,088-20-12)

23) Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens: (Passing: 367/568-3,919-20-12)





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