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Best Position Players on FanDuel Week 3 NFL
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Fantasy Football: Top Players On FanDuel Week 3

Fantasy Football: Top Players On FanDuel Week 3

By: Phil Naessens

Week three of the Fantasy Football season is here and I must say last week was a puzzler. Darn near every DFS Fantasy Football player was on cloud nine when Vegas narrated an early week 50 point over under for the New Orleans Saints and New York Giants. I admit I got sucked in also and the game turned out under achieving and many of our lineups bit the cyber dust. Week three is hopefully better and here are some of my early thoughts as I prepare for this week’s slate at FanDuel.

Fantasy Football: FanDuel QB Week 3


FanDuel has announced that the main slate will be Sunday only. Hooray!! They’ll still have Thursday-Monday slates as well as Sunday-Monday slates available. I like it this way. I never play the Thursday games and not really very fond of the Monday games so this suits me to a tee…..your mileage may vary.

The top three quarterbacks in week two were Cam Newton, Carson Palmer and Matt Ryan. I touted Ryan last week but didn’t mention the other two at all. Ryan finished with 28.84 points so he was obviously my best QB tout of the week. The rest of them? Eli Manning (12.32), Dak Prescott (18.28), Carson Wentz (12.6) and Marcus Mariota (17.62). Not bad but my “chalk” Manning didn’t do what I thought he would do.

QB’s for this week? Hmmm. The Oakland Raiders Derek Carr looks good on paper against the Tennessee Titans, Mariota looks good against the Raiders, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers against the Lions and the San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers seems to have a good matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. I’ll have more later on in the week.

Making value is another term we throw around and for me if I am going to use a player in tournaments I’m looking for 3 times (and hopefully more) what I paid for him. In cash games I’m looking for 2 times or more for every salary dollar spent. Your mileage may vary but that’s what I look for when I play Fantasy Football at FanDuel.

Now that Chargers RB Danny Woodhead is done for the season Melvin Gordon has a nice opportunity. The Indianapolis Colts are the worst team in the NFL against the run and RB’s are averaging 34.55 Fantasy points a game so far this season. The knock against Gordon was that he couldn’t catch the ball but Rivers threw 3 balls his way last week against Jacksonville. He caught every one of them too. I think the Chargers will bring in another RB to replace Woodhead but at least for this week it appears to be the Gordon show in San Diego.
Someone asked me the other day why I don’t add kickers and defense to my weekly touts. The short answer is I really don’t know why I don’t. The longer answer is that there are just too many darn variables to pinpoint five kickers and five defensive teams that I actually like. My own game theory on kickers is to always take the Kansas City Chiefs Cairo Santos. Defense I usually whatever salary I have left and find the best team in the most lopsided matchup. If you have a theory about either I would love to hear about it down below in the comments section.

Last week the Chargers WR Travis Benjamin was lights out and of course I didn’t tout him at all. He wound up #6 on my list right alongside Rivers. The Cleveland Browns WR Corey Coleman also went nuts and I didn’t have him either. I went with the elite guys and they didn’t do as well. The NFL trend is seeing QB’s distribute the ball more this year than last so we always need to be mindful of this when building our lineups. The sexy pick isn’t always the best pick.
I’ll have much more later on this week!
Fantasy Phil

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