The SportsCrew | 2018 MLB Trade Deadline Predictions
Taking a look at which players will be on the move at this seasons MLB trade deadline and where they may end up
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Herzog’s Trade Deadline

Herzog’s Trade Deadline

As we near the All Star break and the trade deadline we have many buyers that want to make the final push for the playoff run. We also have our sellers that are looking to acquire that top prospect to build around. Here are my main players on the trade market that could be on the move. Some may surprise you!

Manny Machado BAL

The coveted young shortstop. He is on a expiring deal and everyone that is in contention wants him. Not many teams have the package to get him and the Orioles will wait until they get what they want.

My pick: New York Yankees

Sleeper: Milawakee Brewers.

Chris Archer TAM

The best pitcher on the market in my opinion. The rays are actual doing better than most people expected. There bullpen method is working and they may have a couple guys on the move there to. The only problem is the rays are in the same division as the Yankees and the Red Sox.

My pick: LA Dodgers

Sleeper: Atlanta Braves

Mike Moustakas KC

Probably the most reliable guy on the market. He is a healthy guy that can hit 30 bombs and play 3rd base with the best of them. Kansas City is in full rebuild and want some young guys to fill there thin farm system.

My pick: Philidalphia Phillies

Sleeper: Atlanta Braves

Brian Dozier MIN

One of the best second baseman in the league. He has gotten off to a cold start, but everyone knows when he is hot he can carry a fantasy and MLB team on his back. He can hit leadoff or bat cleanup. 2nd base is also a thin position in the league.

My pick: LA Dodgers

Sleeper: Milwaukee Brewers

Cole Hamels TEX

One of the most consistent and reliable arms in the past 10 years. He will get traded to a contender. I honestly have no idea where he will end up because so many teams need pitching.

My pick: Arizona Diamondbacks

Sleeper: Milwaukee Brewers

Zach Britton BAL

Analyst think he will get packaged with Machado, but the team involved would have to give up a ton of young guys. I think he is still a top arm bullpen guy. He will make a huge impact come playoff time, almost like Chapman with the Cubs in 2016.

My pick: Houston Astros

Sleeper: Cleveland Indians

Fernando Rodney MIN

He is like a fine wine he just gets better with age. The Twins put a bunch of nice pieces together this past off-season, but it all hasn’t come together like they wanted it to.

My pick: Boston Red Sox

Sleeper: Atlanta Braves

Corey Dickerson PIT

A surprise by many on his production so far this year after he was released by the Rays. He has slowed down a bit since coming out of the gates on fire. Be provided a solid left handed bat in a starting role or off the bench.

My pick: Oakland Athletics

Sleeper: St. Louis Cardinals

Other Potential trades:

Starlin Castro and Brad Ziegler to the Diamondbacks

Josh Donaldson to the St. Louis Cardinals

Mathew Boyd and Francisco Liriano to the Indians

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