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Do you like or dis like the Chapman Signing by the Yankees?
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How The Chapman Signing Impacts Yankees Moving Forward

How The Chapman Signing Impacts Yankees Moving Forward

By: Corey Michael Reighn


Last Wednesday, the Yankees brought back Aroldis Chapman. Signing him to the richest contract in the history of baseball, for a reliever. 5 years 86 million. With a no trade clause, and a nifty opt out after 3 seasons. This is a risky deal, but one that likely will pay off. If the Yankees contend, they have the most dominant reliever in the game. Who is sure to lock down wins. The issue is what happens before Chapman gets the ball.

Some might call it contradictory to the Yankees current plan of youth and smart financial actions. I call it a risk worth taking. I don’t believe going young means you abandon winning. The Yankees believe in their young studs. Namely Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Aaron Judge. Who they believe, along with Didi and Castro, can form a formidable nucleus in the Bronx.
The main issue with the Yankees in 2017 will be unknowns in the rotation. With a weak free agent market, it’s either stay from within or try to get creative with a trade. The Yankees hope Brett Gardner can match up in that sense. Perhaps bringing back a young, cost controlled starter. Masahiro Tanaka is the only dominant pitcher in the rotation. This is what causes concern about Chapman. Will they give enough to get to Chapman? I believe the offense will do their part. It remains to be seen if the rotation can keep the bullpen fresh.

That is the unsung point of it all. Bullpens are the focal point of baseball. People have almost tried to make rotations obsolete. Give the sp 5 innings and let the pen take over. The issue with this, is eventually over 162 games, this formula can burn that pen out. It’s all connected. A domino effect. The Yankees will try to balance this out. Love it or hate it, Aroldis Chapman brings excitement. Something the Yankees desperately need.

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