The SportsCrew | Los Angeles Rams: Where is Goff?
Where is Goff? Is it time for the Rams to finally make a change at QB?
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Stromme’s Takes: LA Rams- Where’s Goff!?

Stromme’s Takes: LA Rams- Where’s Goff!?

By: Mike Stromme


Rams fans everywhere are mad as hell, and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

The collective outcry for a Cal product in the home of the Trojans was louder than ever during the Rams’ 13-10 loss to the defending NFC Champions. Chants of “We want Goff!” could be heard loud and proud in between the smattering of boos yielded off every Case Keenum incompletion. In a game where the Mob Squad held an offense lead by the reigning MVP to just one touchdown, it was the offense letting down the Rams once again. To say the Los Angeles offense was underwhelming would be offensive to everything that has ever underwhelmed before; they just flat-out sucked.

Us Rams fans were damn-near promised change this season. New city, new quarterback, a promising young running back with the most intimidating defensive line in football. Did we expect the Greatest Show on Turf 2.0? Of course not. But, what we did expect is competence on the offensive side of the ball; something that we have not seen this season outside of two seemingly-random scoring “outbursts” in Detroit and Tampa Bay. Here are the facts: the Rams are LAST in points for, 11th in points against and a game and a half outside of the second NFC Wild Card spot with seven games to go. The Rams have surpassed the 20-point plateau in just two games this season; something has got to give.

Opposing defenses do not respect Case Keenum; they just don’t. The key to shutting down this Los Angeles offense is shutting down Todd Gurley. They stack the box, and make Keenum beat them. And to his credit, he has found a wide-open Kenny Britt, Brian Quick or Tavon Austin a few times in what can only be described as football’s version of the defensive indifference stolen base in baseball. Defenses will continue to let Keenum beat them deep if it means taking away Gurley, he’s the out they want. They’ll play their percentages as Keenum has only completed 38.4% of

Case Keenum was sacked four times in a 13-10 Week 9 loss to Carolina (Image from ESPN).

Case Keenum was sacked four times in a 13-10 Week 9 loss to Carolina (Image from ESPN).

throws made over 20 yards for his career.

Not only can he not move the ball down the field, but Keenum has been making many costly (almost rookie-like) turnovers the last few games. We all saw the bonehead throw that lead to the game-ending interception against the Giants across the pond, but did anyone catch this late-game interception┬áby Thomas Davis last week? Every noob who has ever played Madden doesn’t even contemplate this throw, why is a “seasoned veteran” such as Keenum making this toss? I just don’t understand. It was, dare I say? Rookie-like.

It’s one thing to start Keenum with the likes of Nick Foles as an alternative. But, this team has the number one pick in last spring’s draft wasting away on their bench. And, I guess the million dollar question that everyone in football is asking is why? Why isn’t Jared Goff the starting QB of the Los Angeles Rams? Why would a professional NFL franchise, in a year where not one, but FIVE QBs from the same draft class have started NFL games. Many of those rookies have sustained significant success why can’t Goff?

Listen, I’ll even play devil’s advocate and excuse Coach Fisher for sitting Goff in Week 1. I’ll let the fact that Goff sat

Jeff Fisher has a 30-41-1 record as the Head Coach of the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams (Image from Business Insider).

Jeff Fisher has a 30-41-1 record as the Head Coach of the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams (Image from Business Insider).

the first quarter of the season on the bench. I will also reluctantly turn the other cheek to the decision to sit him leading up to the bye. But the fact that this coach watched his QB struggle in London, commit to him through the bye, give him the next start after the bye, only to watch him struggle yet again and not even hint at the notion of a change is repulsive to sit through as not only a fan of this team, but a fan of the league.

Does Fisher bet the under on his own team’s win total each year? Does he aspire to mediocrity? Is finding a way to reach 7-9 on an annual basis a challenge that this man sets out for him and his team each year? I. Don’t. Get. It! Why does this coach not only have a head coaching career that spans over three decades, but the fact that he’s done it all with just two franchises is baffling. Does he perpetually outsmart himself each year? Or is he just not that smart to begin with?

Why mortgage the future for a franchise QB if he’s just going to waste away on the bench? Why invest so many assets into improving an offense that was the worst in 2015, only to not make any changes to the starting lineup in 2016? Many pundits in the industry complain about how the Indianapolis Colts are squandering the talent of Andrew Luck by not surrounding him with competent complimentary pieces. But, what about Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, Alec Ogletree and Todd Gurley? These four players are Pro Bowl-caliber players that are being completely wasted with these Fisher-Goff shenanigans.

It’s time for Les Snead, Jeff Fisher and even owner Stan Kroenke to quit fucking around and start their franchise QB of the future. Because Rams fans are mad as hell, and aren’t going to take it anymore.

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