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Mike Trout and his lack of popularity around MLB - Where Is The Love?
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Mike Trout: The Superstar That MLB Ignores

Mike Trout: The Superstar That MLB Ignores

By: Brent Herzog

Mike Trout? Who is this guy? Does he sells jerseys? Is he a soccer player……? Probably your biggest superstar since Barry bonds, Pedro Martinez, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, or whoever you would like to fill in the blank with who you watched as a kid.

It’s sad that this day in age we barely know who Michael Nelson Trout is. With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all the sports apps ESPN, Yahoo, CBS the casual sports fan may have never heard of him. Well he is the LeBron James of baseball still at 26 years old he has put numbers up that we have never seen before. Still the MLB doesn’t know how to advertise the guy. How do we sell his jerseys, put his name on billboards, have him on commercials? They have no idea how to do it. It has to change. The only way people might know Bryce Harper is when his 16 year old face grazed the cover of sports illustrated where in the article stated ” he was hitting 500 foot shots out to center field….” but where is Mike Trout?

In 2016 I took a road trip and happened to stop at Wrigley field in Chicago for a Cubs vs Angels game. We arrived I knew 1 thing that was certain, Mike Trout was at the ballpark. Where is he? Ahh yes his usual spot out in center field. But no one else seemed to care when he was up to bat, no Trout jerseys no cheers or boo’s. Just the simple up to bat “Mike Trout” WHAT?! The guy is an MVP candidate where are the cheers, boo’s? This is when I realized the MLB does not know what to do with their stars. Go to a LeBron James basketball game or even a Kevin Durant you will have fans there for that sole reason. To see them play.

A kid from the small state of New Jersey is mostly known in the fantasy baseball circuit where he will win owners title after title, but that is about it. Mike Trout is a superstar lost in society due to the fact the MLB doesn’t know how to advertise him. He plays in a massive market in LA, that should be simple enough, but it’s not. It’s sad but if Mike Trout played in New York he would be the LeBron James of baseball. Aaron Judge who isn’t anywhere near Trout has become the face of the MLB. He even made the cover of MLB the Show 2018. New York has the baseball market, but not the best player we have seen in the past 20 years.

  • Elf
    Posted at 21:52h, 03 July Reply

    Humility and niceness are nearly impossible to sell in today’s media market. Trout has no edginess about him that would make companies want him as a commercial spokesman. Seriously, one of his hobbies is the weather and he likes calling into live broadcasts on The Weather Channel. He’s very private, he’s never bad-mouthed anyone, nobody has ever bad-mouthed him. All he does is produce and try to improve himself. In a perfect world he would be every child’s role model and if it were still 1953, he would be.

    • Brent Herzog
      Posted at 21:58h, 03 July Reply

      Very good points. It’s sad that this day in age we need a bad boy.

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