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MLB Infirmary Report: Week 5

MLB Infirmary Report: Week 5

By: Shane Thompson –


As we approach May and games start to heat up, key players are both hitting the DL and getting set to come off it. The 10 day DL has proven to be no joke in moving players in and out even if its precautionary or using the full days to the teams advantage. The top two on this list are elite talents for their respected NL teams and will be missing multiple months and in once case, the entire season.


SP: Noah Syndergaard – NYM

Believe it or not, when a team physician suggests to a player to have an MRI, it’s not necessarily a bad thing and is very common but not publicized. Unfortunately, Syndergaard declined to seek an MRI and happened to have pitched days later. Thanks to that decision, he may have hurt himself even more. Numerous MLB experts are not sold on the fact that he has a partially torn lat, but more concern about his labrum and rotator cuff. He’s arguably one of the top five most talented pitchers in the game and it would be sad to see him miss the majority of the 2017 season. He posts a 10.7 K’s/9 and his average fastball velocity is 98.2 mph.

CF: Adam Eaton – WSH

You can argue that the Washington Nationals and the New York Yankees have the best offensives not only coming out of the gates, but tough outs from top to bottom. Eaton was one of the main table setters for the big hitters in the middle of the Nationals lineup until he hit the base awkwardly and tore his ACL and MCL. This will obviously put him out of commission for the rest of the season. The Nationals invested top prospects in order to get him and are scratching their head to find who can fill his void in the lineup. Eaton seemed like he was the x factor that can put Washington over the hump for a World Series run.


SP: Shelby Miller – ARI

In my opinion, he is the most unlucky pitcher in the majors. When he pitched for the Atlanta Braves, he had an ERA of 3.07 but went 3-12. He was traded for the top draft pick, Dansby Swanson and things just haven’t gone his way since joining the Diamondbacks. After a miserable 2016 season, he was poised for a bounce back season until feeling discomfort in the middle of a game against the Dodgers. There were rumors of him opting to do stem cell treatment like Mashahiro Tanaka and Garrett Richards, but after all said and done, he will have Tommy John for his torn UCL. He may not be back until late 2018, which is a big blow for an already thin starting Diamondbacks rotation.

2B: Logan Forsythe – LAD

Forsythe was traded for a top prospect from TB to LA for right handed hard throwing Jose De Leon. He has high expectations to solidify an unproductive second base platoon of players in LA over the past 2 seasons. He suffered a fractured toe and has been out since April 19th. The recovery for this solid offensive and defensive second basemen has been much quicker than anyone in the organization could have hoped for, and it couldn’t have come at a better time as the Dodgers are still struggling against left handed pitching. Forsythe is known to be one of the better hitters in that department. In a perfect world, he will be activated by Friday but don’t expect him in a Dodger uniform until at least Saturday.

SS: Brandon Crawford – SFG

To say that the Giants have missed this top tier shortstop is an understatement. The good news is they have some of the most talent as a whole in all of baseball, yet they have one of the worst records in all of baseball. He was placed on the bereavement list for personal issues along with a strained groin. You cannot help but think that this might be more based on stress after playing every game in the World Baseball Classic and was probably a lingering effect. He’s projected to return on Saturday and be plugged in the middle of the lineup that has had trouble with runners in scoring position. The cliché line of “ we are better with him on the field” is a far cry from how much they value Crawford’s versatility on a consistent basis.

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