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Profiling Houston Astros Star Short Stop Carlos Correa
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MLB Player Profile: Carlos Correa

MLB Player Profile: Carlos Correa

By: Shane Thompson 

The shortstop position in baseball can be compared to the point guard in basketball and to the quarterback in football. They are viewed as the toughest positions to play in all of sports due to athletic skill necessary and the leadership qualities the player must possess.

Carlos Correa is the epitome of a true leader and is the top player on his Houston Astros ball club. He was the number one pick in the 2012 MLB draft, which of course is an honor, but also comes with heavy duty expectations. So far so good for the Astros, as Correa burst onto the scene, winning American League Rookie Of The Year in 2015 while posting a .279 batting average, 22 home runs and a .857OPS. In that same season, Correa also helped lead his team into the playoffs as a wild card team and they nearly beat the eventual World Champion Royals in the ALDS. Things were looking up for him and the Astros, until Correa’s second year in 2016. It was considered to be sub-par in comparison to his rookie campaign. His power numbers were down and many skeptics claimed that the pitchers had “figured him out” offensively. That didn’t get him down though, as his fielding percentage and WAR went up in 2016 and he had a red hot second half which gave the Astros and their fans hope for 2017.

It didn’t start well for the 22 year old, as he opened the 2017 season with a sluggish start. That didn’t affect the ball club though as they got off to the hottest start in all of baseball. In mid May, something clicked for Correa and you can argue that he’s been one of the most consistent power hitters since and is on the verge of shattering career highs in all offensive categories. The big three shortstops used to include players like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Nomar Garciaparra. Now, there’s a new core of shortstops on the rise and Carlos Correa plans to lead this new group into the next generation of MLB.

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