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Why David Ortiz Should and Shouldn't retire
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Should Big Papi Retire?

Should Big Papi Retire?

By: Lou Landers

In talking with many sports fans over the last few months I’ve come to the realization that there are many mixed feelings on the potential retirement of Red Sox Slugger and future HOF David Ortiz.

Ortiz is having a career year in 2016 and is doing so at the age of 40 no less. This begs the question, should he retire at seasons end?


2016 Numbers:

88 Games, 46 Runs, 104 Hits, 34 Doubles (AL Leader), 24 HR, 79 RBI, .326 Avg, .418 OBP

I want to start off by stating that Papi has said he is retiring at seasons end. However, Big Papi is putting up a monster year and he is the current leader in SLG % and OPS in the American League. Im going to tell you why he should and shouldn’t retire.

Why He Shouldn’t Retire:

When looking at the numbers, and the numbers alone, there is no reason why this guy should be leaving the game behind. He is coming off 3 straight seasons in which he hit 30+ HR and 100+ RBI and is a legitimate AL MVP candidate in 2016. There is certainly more left in the tank for Ortiz, he’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Now lets talk about what he means to the game of baseball and the city of Boston. He is beloved around the game and even more by his team mates. He’s an incredible club house presence and his influence on the Red Sox young hitters is second to none.


Why He should Retire:

Ortiz has accomplished everything he is going to accomplish in his professional baseball career. He is a future HOF and simply has nothing left to prove. His entire adult life has been all about baseball, everything on a schedule and at some point, enough is enough. We sometimes forget as fans that these players are humans too and his decision to retire is more about him and his family, not about the game itself. Ortiz is also a class act and deserves to go out at the top of his game, which he would do if he does indeed retire at seasons end.

 PAPI farewell 2

Farewell Big Papi, we’ll miss you. Comment on and let us know what you think Big Papi should decide.

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