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Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft - Rounds 1-5
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My #2EarlyMock Pt. 1

My #2EarlyMock Pt. 1

A big thanks goes out to @Justin Mason and his #2EarlyMocks he has graciously set-up. Fantasy baseball never stops! You can follow the adp here & thank @smada_bb here for putting that together. Both are awesome fantasy baseball follows. Give myself a follow if you haven’t already @bieryplox33

This is the first installment in a series of articles coming out breaking down my squad.

Before I dive into the squad I have assembled, the draft order and competition:

1.1 @patrick_j_27

1.2 @chazmichaelmur1

1.3 Evan Semanco

1.4 @andrewkdewhisrt

1.5 @brewcrewpep

1.6 @max35traut

1.7 @chopcityjason

1.8 @bieryplox33

1.9 @chrisjwoodard

1.10 @prospectfiend

1.11 @smada_bb

1.12 @ayusharora1999

This is a pool of sharks, with people sniping each other left and right, finding gems and not picking guys based on names, but actual production.

First Round: Nolan Arenado

My top five going into 2019 drafts is as followed: Trout, Betts, Ramirez, Lindor, Arenado. The first four present loud power and speed, and Arenado provides a super safe base of 4 cat production. Arenado still could tap into unrealized potential considering he’s only 27 and plays in Coors. We have yet to see that 50 homer season that could be in that bat. I was ecstatic to land him at pick #8.

Second Round: Paul Goldschmidt

The 2nd round is loaded with guys who are first round talents, making the wheel a super awesome place to pick, with guys like Machado, Bregman, Yelich & Goldschmidt going in the 2nd round. I value safe, stable bats early on, so Goldy was the easy choice for me here. Even with the humidor tamping down offense in his home venue, Goldy posted a sick .938 OPS, but lost his steals. Oddly enough, PG reached most his power on the road, 21 of his 33 bombs came away from home. The humidor could be playing a factor there. Goldy only added 6 SB’s in 2018, when he had averaged 24 SB’sannually from 2015-2017. The SB’s may come back to a degree in 2019, but I am banking on the stability of this proven elite hitter.

Third Round: Khris Davis

This was the toughest decision I made, passing up on Anthony Rizzo and Cody Bellinger for Khris Davis. It’s possible those two have more upside than Krush, but I feel so safe about getting 40+ homers and a ridiculous RBI total due to the budding lineup surrounding Davis. I find huge value in his stability.

Fourth Round: Whit Merrifield

After nabbing 3 power bats, I knew I needed to add pitching & steals. Whit was just what the doctor ordered! Whit has a good shot to finish 2018 with 13 homers, 40 steals and a .304 BA! That’s a little reminiscent of 2015 Charlie Blackmon. When I draft a speed guy, I need a quality hitter who can help me even if the speed dries up a bit. That’s why I chased Merrifield here, as he should post a plus BA and has tapped into some doubles power (42 so far in 2018).

Fifth Round: Walker Buehler

This plan isn’t something I typically follow, since I usually snag an ace early on, but the bats fell to such nice values that I had to build up my offensive base. I made Buehler my ace, but will pair him with another co-ace and some elite relievers. Buehler has been ridiculous in 2018, well over a strikeout per frame, a sub 1 WHIP, a sub 3 ERA. The lack of innings are the issue, as he has pitched 141 innings in 2018, plus whatever he adds in October. I feel safe expecting around 160 innings in 2018, and absolutely elite production to go with it. Walker Buehler is a genuine ace, but without the volume upside.



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