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Stromme’s Offseason Takes: Rams (Finally) Move-On from Jeff Fisher

Stromme’s Offseason Takes: Rams (Finally) Move-On from Jeff Fisher

The Rams number one problem since… Well since Kurt Warner left, has been offense. I know that, you know that, even your mom knows that. Just like Beavis and Butt-Head in the 90s, the Los Angeles Rams cannot score.

I mean, its not for a lack of effort from the front office. In 2015, they got their franchise running back in Todd Gurley. The next spring, they traded up for the number one pick in the draft in order to get a QB prospect in Jared Goff. In 2017, they’ve seemed to load-up on offensive-minded coaches thus far.

The Rams began the offseason by signing 31-year-old Sean McVay to be their next Head Coach. McVay has been the OC in Washington since Kyle Shanahan left the team following the 2013 season. He has played a key-role in QB Kirk

Gurley, Goff and the rest of the Rams offense ranked 32nd in the NFL with a 21.8% scoring percentage.

Gurley, Goff and the rest of the Rams offense ranked 32nd in the NFL with a 21.8% scoring percentage.

Cousins development (who McVay is just two years older than, by the way). QB development is a desperate (and I mean, DESPERATE!) need of this Rams squad.

Speaking of QB development, the Rams also hired former Jacksonville Jaguars OC Greg Olson to be the QB coach. Olson’s main claim to fame thus far, was assisting in Blake Bortles’ breakout 2015 campaign. He was also in Oakland for Derek Carr’s rookie season, for whatever that’s worth. Now, there’s probably a reason why they made this guy the QB coach instead of the OC (a position that is still vacant as of publish). But there’s also probably a good reason why he was hired, and that’s for his experience with young QBs. It’s also Olson’s second stint with the organisation, he was the OC in St. Louis for the 2006 and 2007 seasons under current Dallas Cowboys OC Scott Linehan.

No official OC hiring for the Rams just yet. However former New Orleans Saints Interim Head Coach Aaron Kromer appears to be a front runner according to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole. Couldn’t hurt this team to have a member of the Sean Payton coaching tree on this team’s side. Even if he’s an offensive line coach by trade.

The team is also reportedly interested in former Chicago Bears Head Coach Marc Trestman for the same vacancy.

Defensively, the Rams lost DC Gregg Williams to the Cleveland Browns. However, they did hire one of the top DCs in football over the past few years in Wade Phillips from the Denver Broncos. This means that the Rams will most likely switch from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense, which should be interesting. But, we’ll see. Either way, it should be fun to see what the Son of Bum can do with the likes of Aaron Donald, Alec Ogletree and Robert Quinn.


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