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Everything you need to know about the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs
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Second Round Of The NBA Playoffs

Second Round Of The NBA Playoffs

 By: Jose Cornell


Washington vs Boston

In this showdown with battle of the guards between Isaiah Thomas and John Wall is going to be something interesting to watch out for. Coming off what he described as the hardest week in his life after losing a family member , Isaiah Thomas was admirably able to finish off the series against the Chicago Bulls in 6 games and lead Boston to the second round against the Wizards. Thomas averaged 23 points , 4.3 rebounds and 5.7 assists in the first round.


Cleveland vs Toronto

Toronto is the team that people think has the biggest chance to knock Cleveland out of the playoffs. In my opinion there might not be any team in the east that can contain or stop the high powered offense that is the Cleveland Cavaliers. 


San Antonio vs Houston Rockets

Now in this matchup it’ll be a lot of an inside game vs outside game between Houston’s barrage of 3 pointers and San Antonio perimeter and kick out play. With both MVP candidates (Kawhi Leonard) (James Harden) this series should be fun to watch. Kawhi Leonard is averaging 31.2 points per game – 6 rebounds per game – 3.2 assists per game during the playoffs. James Harden on the other side is averaging 33.3 points per game – 6.6 rebounds per game and 7 rebounds per game respectively.

Golden state vs Utah Jazz

Last but not least we have The Golden State Warriors vs The Utah Jazz who come out as underdogs. The Warriors are heading to the second round without their head coach (Steve Kerr) who could be out for the rest of the postseason because of health issues. Good news is Kevin Durant is back to playing with the Warriors and even if he isn’t 100 percent the Warriors could use every bit of help that they can get out of him. The Utah Jazz surprisingly knocked the L.A Clippers out of the playoffs so they show that defensively they could be a bit of a matchup and size problem for Golden State. In my opinion if both teams play hard without any team having injuries , this series just might come down to 6 or 7 games.

These playoffs have been a huge roller coaster ride all throughout with  games finishing all the way down to the wire or being blowouts. A lot of people plate hoping for a Cavs/Warriors rematch for the third straight year but that all depends on what the other teams have to say about that. As the playoffs continue I don’t see any cakewalks throughout any of the remaining series , all the remaining teams are great in their own way so we all should just sit back and enjoy watching greatness.

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