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The Way To Enjoy The Super Bowl, Even If You Don't Care Who Wins
Super Bowl Bets, Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots
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Super Bowl LI (51): Printable Betting Fun

Super Bowl LI (51): Printable Betting Fun

With the Super Bowl less than a week away and fans of 30 other teams watching 2 teams they don’t care much about, here are some fun bets you and your friends can make during the big game.

I suggest printing this out and making a “Super Bowl pool” out of it. Winner take all! Good luck!


1. Who Will Win the Game? ATL or NE?


2. Which half will have more points scored in it? 1st or 2nd?


3. Which Teams QB will throw for more yards?


4. Which teams RB will have more rush yards?


5. Who will win Super Bowl MVP?


6. Will the first score be on offense or defense/special teams?


7. Will the first score be a TD, FG or Safety?


8. How long will the national anthem be?
over/under (2 min)


9. Which team will cause more turnovers?


10. Which team will score first?


11. Which team will score last?


12. Will the game be decided by 5 points or less?


13. Coin toss: heads or tails?


14. Which team will win the coin toss?


15. What color Gatorade/liquid will be poured on the winning coach?


16. How many times will Gronk/Gronkowski be said on the broadcast? Over/under (3.5).


17. How many total sacks in the game?
Over/under (4.5).


18. First offensive play: Run/pass/penalty?


19. Total FG made by both teams combined:
Over/Under (5.5).


20. Total Touchdowns scored by both teams. Over/under (5.5).


**Tie Breaker (if there are 2 or more people tied, the winner will be decided based on who comes closest to the final score). Total points**
Predict The Final Score:

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