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The Crew

Lou Landers - @LandersTalk and Fantasy baseball Consultant Prices: Call, text, email or Facebook message Payments are made to executive secretary Megan Haist: via Venmo or Paypal In season pass: $9.99 per month or $44.99 for season (season is March through September) Offseason pass: $4.99 per month (October- February) Year long pass: $74.99 (12 months/365 days a year) Recommendation: if you recommended someone to me and they sign up for at least one month, you get 1 month free in offseason or 4.99 off of your year long pass.

Lou Landers

Founder/Sports Expert/Radio Host

Sports has always been Lou’s passion and no matter what he’s done in his life, sports has followed him. Lou grew up in the entertainment business and has entrepreneurial blood running through his veins.

In his early 20’s, Lou decided it was time to combine his passion for sports with his entrepreneurial spirit and he sought out an internship in Hawaii. Lou spent 6 months working in many facets with the professional baseball team, Na Koa Ikaika Maui. Upon the completion of that internship Lou began to write sports articles and eventually moved into radio hosting as well. In doing so, he learnt more than he ever could have imagined and made many great friends along the way. Lou has now put together this wonderful crew of people below and started The SportsCrew as a way to bring all sports fans together and to share their passion with the world.

David Warren


As a Senior Partner at Upper Diamond, David is excited to team up with The Sports Crew to make waves in the world of Sports. As CMO of The Sports Crew he will focus on business strategy, and finding the best way to utilize top creative approaches, best-in-class UX design and his marketing experience to offer the most interactive and effective solutions for the website, live broadcasts and brand.His breadth of experiences with F500 companies, innovative startups and emerging companies help him understand the challenges and opportunities at each stage of the business cycle. He has delivered for clients on key objectives related to creative innovation, interactive marketing, integrated internal communications and technology-enabled solutions for clients such as Google, Lincoln Motor Company, ABC, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Nike, IMAX, Win Forever, Baby Blues BBQ, Levi Strauss and Athleta.

Shane Thompson

Baseball Analyst/Writer 

Shane utilizes his extensive knowledge of baseball and his passion for sports to do his job at The SportsCrew.


He was born in Riverside California and at age 15 he was recruited to play for one of the biggest power house programs in Southern California. The programs alumni include players such as Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi and Dan Haren. Shane was a member of the Babe Ruth World Series Championship team in 2000 and was also a member of the 2002 team that placed 3rd. He was nominated as first team all tournament in both seasons. In Junior College, Shane played centerfield for Palomar and was named to the second team all league.


Following his college career, Shane played for scout teams in the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds organizations and was invited to try out for the Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals and the Chicago Cubs.

Mike Stromme

VP of Operations/NFL Expert/Radio Personality

Greetings and salutations!

I’m Mike, and I am a writer and editor for The SportsCrew and my forte is the NFL. I also host our Saturday NFL podcast as well as my own show every Tuesday night on The SportsCrew Radio Network. There are few things I love more than talking NFL football. I am an avid fantasy player (both season-long and daily) and NFL handicapper.

Previously, I was a writer/editor for My weekly column, “Stromme the Way”, highlighted NFL running backs from a fantasy perspective.

My educational background is in media and print journalism. From 2013-2016, I was a student at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ont. as a student in their Journalism-Print and Media Foundation programs. During my time at Conestoga, I was also a writer for their student newspaper, Spoke.

Basically, I am an NFL junkie. My NFL allegiance belongs to the Los Angeles Rams. However, don’t let that fool you when it comes to my analysis; I’m all about winning bets, winning leagues and cashing out in DFS!

As much as I love NFL Football, it isn’t the only sport I follow. I love all four major sports, maybe not as much, but the love is still there! 😉 Being from the Great White North and a born-and-raised Southern Ontario boy, my non-NFL teams are all from the 6ix! I am a huge Jays, Leafs and Raptors fan!

Follow me on Twitter! I’m all business on there! Nothing but sports takes and analysis!


Hannah Kulik

Social Media Coordinator/NBA Analyst/Radio Personality

Hannah Kulik is a passionate NBA fan who is a regular contributor to Lakers Nation and has also been featured on Dodger Blue. Many of her Lakers’ articles have been picked up by other publications such as Bleacher Report and Chatsports. She focuses mostly on editorials in which she analyzes the team’s player personnel and front office in order to gain insight into why the team is successful or struggling on the court. She also reports on developments around the NBA which may impact the Lakers’ fortunes. She is active on Twitter where she communicates regularly with fans. Hannah recently started posting videos on her You Tube Channel called “Laker Han” in which she breaks down recent events affecting the team at that moment. She is currently a college student in her junior year, where she has appeared as an on-air television and radio personality for her campus stations. She is seriously into health and fitness and an advocate for beauty and life-style products. She is also an equestrian who competed for many years on a national scale in the Arabian horse world.

Megan Haist

Executive Secretary

Megan was born and raised in Buffalo, New York (Go Bills!), and currently resides in Los Angeles California. Her passion for sports has been growing since she was 8 years old. Her favorite teams include the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Yankees.

She works closely with CEO & President, Lou Landers.

Jared Roth

Sr. Executive, Writer/Analytics Expert

Jared was born in raised in Toronto, Canada where he fell in love with watching and playing team sports from a very young age. As he grew older his passion turned into an obsession and he began to focus on studying analytics and playing fantasy. On any given night you can find Jared watching 6 baseball games at the same time. He is also an avid golfer, playing upwards of 60 rounds each season. Jared is also a professional musician. He performs and records with the synth-pop band “The Nursery”, and has had songs on multiple CBC television programs. With a focus on analytics and sometimes fantasy, Jared loves nothing more than to share his fanaticism for baseball and football with anyone who is willing to listen.

Joel Forman

Writer/Hockey Expert

Joel was born in Toronto, Ontario and somehow managed to become a diehard Colorado Avalanche fan despite his father and 3 brothers being big Leaf fans. He studied English at the University of Guelph, and followed his passion of sports by studying a Post-Graduate Sport and Event Marketing program at George Brown College. Joel enjoys watching many sports like hockey, golf, tennis, football, and basketball but has as particular interest in the NHL. One of his favourite things is participating in fantasy sports, a veteran who has over 15+ years of fantasy sports experience and knowledge. Ever since graduating from the University of Guelph, he has owned and operated an NHL blog called “The Forman Faceoff” ( talking about current NHL news. Besides the Colorado Avalanche, his other favourite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Nick Desisto

Writer/Twitter Handler

Legal US citizen born and raised in the 412. Been attending Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins games since Barry Bonds had the body of Dee Gordon. Went to college with Mountaineers and Golden Flashes to become a bean counter. Now I work to help people give as little to Uncle Sam as legally possible. Was lucky enough to see my Steelers and Penguins win a championship in person, so the ONLY thing left I have to on this organic spaceship we call Earth is to see the Pirates do the same. Banned from (at least) 5 fantasy leagues for challenging authoritarian commissioner relatives of Kim Jong Un for not letting adults who paid to play a silly little game make legitimate trades that were consented upon by both parties. Apparently if you have Jong Un blood in you, you can predict future player performance better than us mere peasants. When Im not obsessing over grown men playing in dirt, on grass & ice, I work to convince my fellow mindless millennial drones to get out of their safe spaces and instead embrace the diversity and liberty that our founding documents engender. I run the twitter account @realsportscrew and you can also follow me @realNickDeSisto for witty, irreverent, comfortable illusion ruining bantar.

In Memory Of

Zak Sauer (1990-2017)

Growing up as a Bills fan for my 26 years of existence has taught me how to deal with loss. In doing so, I chose to follow teams like the Marlins and Dodgers in baseball, and the Cavaliers and Bucks in basketball in which let me vicariously feel what a championship feels like to win. Playing multiple sports my whole life has made me into an ultra-competitor in all aspects of life. I am able to withhold all of that competitiveness via fantasy sports, and have become very successful in doing so. Whether it be season-long or in DFS I have compiled successful strategies to be a consistent winner on both platforms. Here at the SportsCrew, our Crew as well as myself will supply you with the strategies and the key components to become successful fantasy players just like ourselves. Winning several fantasy championships and amassing a steep increase of bankroll in DFS is a jubilant feeling, but I am still waiting on these Buffalo Bills.

Let us help you win your fantasy league this season!

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