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Where Will SP Tyson Ross Sign?
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The Free Agent Market For SP Tyson Ross

The Free Agent Market For SP Tyson Ross

By: Shane Thompson
The verdict is still out on whether fifteen to twenty Major League Baseball teams are interested in SP Tyson Ross. My question is, what’s the hold up? Yes, I know he only pitched one game last year and the Padres dropped him like he’s damaged goods. To play devils advocate, I guess you can argue that it makes sense that teams may write him off after a nightmarish season plagued with injuries.


Personally, I have to dis agree with that logic. Ross is a perfect low risk/high reward candidate in my eyes. This isn’t just a finesse pitcher who relies on command. He can be very dominant when he’s right and I’ve watched him single handedly dominate my team the Los Angeles Dodgers. This guy has proven that he can be the bulldog you want in any starting rotation and I think he can be that guy again. Of course, there is some concern when you see a team as bad as the Padres release any player. Not only do the Padres rank in the bottom tier of most offensive categories, but they don’t have many starters to choose from, making this some what of a head scratcher.



The top free agent SP going into this off season was Jeremy Hellickson, who opted to sign his player option at 17.2 million for 2017 with the Phillies. That is ALOT of money for a guy who isn’t actually an ace, however, it goes to show that you need to pay a premium for SP nowadays.



Ross has pitched 195 innings twice in his career and since entering the majors he has one of the best ground ball rates among qualifying SP. With starting pitching being a weakness in this offseasons free agent market, I could see Ross being a huge addition to a playoff contending team, maybe as a number 4 or 5 starter. He would have very little pressure on him, a team could sign him relatively cheap and he could end up being one of those “diamond in the rough” signings for the team that gets him.

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