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Young Super Stars And Their Impact In The Big Leagues
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The MLB Call Up

The MLB Call Up

By: Brent HerzogĀ 


It’s just past the official midway point of the MLB season. I hope you all had a great and safe fourth of July week. I want to talk about something that I feel doesn’t get enough attention in the sport of baseball. It is the official call up day from the minor leagues to the major league for a rookie. The MLB is a lot different then the NBA, NFL, and the NHL. Guys in the MLB get drafted and either decide to finish out college or head to single A or rookie ball. They never go straight to the MLB club they get drafted by. Why is that?

The guy out of Millville High School in New Jersey didn’t even go straight to the MLB. Now known as Mike Trout the best player in the MLB began his baseball career with the Rookie ball club the Arizona Angels in 2009 at the end of the year he was playing A ball with the Cedar Rapids Kernels. In 2010 he was the 85th ranked player in the MLB pipeline… 85th….. by 2011 he was ranked number one the same year he gets promoted to the MLB. So 2 years after he gets drafted before he even makes any impact on the MLB team that drafted him.

The MLB is very unique compared to the other leagues when it comes to Rookies and the draft. In the NBA teams tank just to get an 18, 19, or 20 year old to change there entire franchise around. They expect the player to make an immediate impact to the organization. They also expect them to drive revenue up, to sell jerseys, and to bring them to the promise land. The playoffs. The NFL is very similar. They draft a guy they need to help them win immediately. So why doesn’t the MLB do that? Well the skill it takes to play the game. The adjustments from a 80 mph fastball to a 100 mph fastball and 3 other pitches. The speed and feel of the MLB game overall.

The MLB has there superstars and there busts just like every sport. Byron Buxton for example was the top prospect in the MLB pipeline for 2 seasons. He was called up June 14th 2015. A big day for the Minnesota Twins organization and baseball. He was compared to Mike Trout by some experts. He came out of the gates very slow and hasn’t done much besides after the All Star break in 2017. Buxton has been in the league for three seasons now and hasn’t done anything. He was sent back down to Triple A a few weeks ago. So for a team to waste 4-5 years on a guy that hasn’t helped them much can be very frustrating.

The big day for most franchises is draft day to get the young talented player to help change there organization. The big day for the MLB is the call up day of there top prospect to see how he will compete at the big league level.

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