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The Disabled List - Injuries are piling up
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The MLB Infirmary Report – Week 3

The MLB Infirmary Report – Week 3

By: Shane Thompson

Numerous fantasy owners are at the boiling point after seeing how many injuries have happened over the first two weeks of the season. All four of the players I’m discussing here are starting pitchers who will hopefully make speedy recoveries so they can get back into the lineup and help their ball clubs out. Maybe all they need is a pep talk! An “Old School” pep talk.
will ferrel speech in old school
RP – Zach Britton- Baltimore Orioles
The Baltimore Orioles success has been built not only on stacked offensive lineup, but a stout bullpen that’s lights out once the seventh inning comes around. The good news here  is Britton is already feeling better after hitting the 10 day DL. He shouldn’t miss much more time than that. Look for Brach to get the save opportunities while Britton is out.
SP – Aaron Sanchez – Toronto Blue Jays
Blisters on a pitchers finger are parallel to hamstring issues on a speedster. He has been placed on the DL but shouldn’t be forced to miss much time. He did have a part of his fingernail surgically removed to avoid any irritation which is also good news. The only concern I have is that a pitcher who throws a two seem fastball can be affected even more by a blister, and Sanchez most dominant pitch is hit fastball.
SP – J.A. Happ – Toronto Blue Jays 
Another Blue Jays starter has hit the DL in the same week. The initial response after seeing him throw his last pitch in his last start seemed like the injury was season threatening. Luckily, the reports are that it’s only elbow inflammation, however, that can mean any number of things and as of now, not many insiders know what’s really going on. The Blue Jays are already snake bitten by injuries and it’s not even May yet, they also saw their best player in Josh Donaldson hit the DL last week.
SP – Rich Hill – Los Angeles Dodgers

His first start only lasted three full innings until another blister forced him to the DL again. The Dodgers have their fair share of injured players already this season and can only hope that this isn’t an ongoing trend with Hill throughout the season. The scary part is, he throws a lot of curveballs, which creates friction on the fingers, something that isn’t in his favor.
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