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Baseball Is On The Rise - Agree or Disagree?
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The Rise of Baseball

The Rise of Baseball

By: Brent HerzogĀ 

Yeah you read the headline right. The rise of baseball. You may laugh, and think I’m crazy for saying this, but I believe it is true. There may not be many facts that support my theory, but there are some. There are a couple of things I would like to point out as to why I think baseball is on the rise. (As well as soccer but that’s a different discussion).


First off, I would like to start by saying what a crazy month we are about to witness. The A’s are playing out of their mind. The N.L West is too close to call. The Indians are taking control of the A.L. and the Red Sox are just doing their everyday thing, winning. But here are my theories on why baseball is on the way up.



The games are fun to watch again. Home run after home run. Strike out after strike out. The game is moving. Baseball isn’t played by small ball anymore, it’s all about the longball. The longball and striking out. Which makes it fun to watch!



This one is huge. I love how the MLB has gotten involved with the little league world series. They play a big league game in Williamsport, PA where the Little League World Series is held. This year it was the Phillies and Mets, and next year it’s the Cubs and Pirates. This is huge for the younger generation so they can meet and hang around big leaguers that were once in their shoes. It makes a young kid dream big and really fall in love with baseball. The engagement with players and fans at big league ballparks is becoming something special as well. I believe Aaron Judge has rejuvenated the interaction, and fellow MLB stars are following. The other night a Make a Wish patient, Anthony, signed Khris Davis (player for the A’s) jersey before the game and Khris goes on to hit a home run. That is special. People notice things like that.



I have always enjoyed going to a baseball game, but for some reason the past couple of seasons I have really enjoyed it. The ballpark’s atmosphere is amazing. Back in May, I went to a Braves game in the beautiful Suntrust park in Atlanta and there were ziplines. Ball throwing games. And games running to the baseline. There are a ton of games to play. There are live bands performing after the games. And on Friday’s, fireworks are lit. The list goes on. They even have bark at the park nights at most ballparks where you can literally bring your pet into the game. If the MLB keeps up with the great entertainment and atmosphere at the ballpark they will keep fans in the seats.



Is it just me or is it crazy having a young prospect getting called up and throwing 100 mph pitches on the radar gun like he’s going for a walkin the park? It’s amazing the young talent the MLB has received and continues to get. It’s a new wave of young talent we have never seen before. Guys playing gold glove defense and hitting 40 home runs. Pitchers throwing 100 mph like it’s nothing. Guys hitting a double up the gap and turning it into a triple. It’s just special to watch.

Those are a couple of the reasons why I think that the MLB and baseball are on the rise and will once again be a top sport in America.

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