The SportsCrew | There is something really wrong with the UFC
Rousey made 15x the amount of money as Nunes did by losing the fight
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This is what’s wrong with the UFC

This is what’s wrong with the UFC

By: Lou Landers

So if you’re like me, you got together with a bunch of friends last night and either paid for the Rousey vs. Nunes fight or spent a ton of money at a bar watching it. Either way, you didn’t get your money’s worth. Not only did Ronda look like a rookie fighter out there, but she also just didn’t seem ready mentally or physically.


I understand that she puts people in the seats, that the UFC is a big business, and that Ronda cleared the path for many of the up and coming female fighters. I respect her for that and she deserves tons of admiration for it too.


Now to the actual issue here. No matter what, Rousey was slated to make 3 million dollars for that fight last night, whether she won or not. As we all know, not only did she lose but she literally got knocked out within the first minute. Her opponent and eventual champion, made 100,000 dollars for the fight and another 100,000 dollars for winning. For those who don’t like to do math, Nunes made 200,000 dollars last night for beating Rousey. Does this seem fair to you?

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