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Under the Radar MLB Deadlibe Trades
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3 “Under The Radar” MLB Trade Deadline Acquisitions: Contenders

3 “Under The Radar” MLB Trade Deadline Acquisitions: Contenders

Written By: Lou Landers

 3. Fernando Abad- RP

boston-red-sox 2

Acquired by: Boston Red Sox

 The Red Sox bullpen is currently decimated by injuries and has been since before the start of July. As the injuries began to pile up, GM Dave Dombrowski made a move for Brad Ziegler from the D Backs, hoping that Ziegler could fill the role of 7th inning RP. More injuries occurred following the trade, specifically to all-star closer Craig Kimbrel and now Ziegler finds himself closing games for Boston. The Sox possess one of baseballs best lineups and will find themselves carrying the lead into the later innings more often than not. It was obvious that a move to bridge the gap in the bullpen and take that lead to the 9th inning was necessary. With most of the attention surrounding Chapman, Miller, Melancon, Smith and Jeffres, the Red Sox were able to sneak in and get Fernando Abad from the Twins. Abad has been one of the better LH relievers in the AL this season and will play a big role in Bostons chances at an AL East Division crown in 2016. Smart move Red Sox.

2. Francisco Liriano- SP

Toronto_Blue_Jays2012_Primary 2

Acquired by: Toronto Blue Jays

 The former Twin and Pirate has had a tough go of it in 2016, however, he has a proven track record in MLB and in the postseason. With Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman nearing their innings limit and the Jays rotation in need of an innings eater, it’s hard to find a better option than Liriano in a below average SP trade market. The Jays didn’t have to give up any top prospects to get Liriano which leads me to believe that this was a 13 million dollar salary dump by the Pirates. The Jays will have Liriano for the 2017 season in addition to this seasons playoff push. By making this deal, the Jays have set themselves up to have a stellar 2017 starting staff.
 2017 Projected Staff:
1. Aaron Sanchez RHP 2. J.A. Happ LHP 3. Marco Estrada RHP 4. Marcus Stroman RHP 5. Francisco Liriano LHP

1. Eduardo Nunez- SS/2B/3B/OF

San_Francisco_Giants2 2

Acquired by: San Francisco Giants

 So you’re probably thinking, how can this be an under the radar move? Nunez is a 2016 all-star who got traded to a first place team. So, I must be nuts right? Wrong! The Giants were hurting at 2B and 3B before making this trade. With Panik and Duffy on the DL, the Giants limped into the all-star break and have been awful since. The Giants skid has allowed the Dodgers to close the gap in the NL West, making what I’m about to tell you that much more interesting.
By adding Nunez, the Giants knew that when Duffy and Panik returned, they’d have one to many infielders on their roster. That of course lead to the Giants trading Duffy (still on the DL) to Tampa for LHP Matt Moore. This was a huge move for 3 reasons.
1) Moore is under team control for 2-3 more seasons after this.
 2) Moore is a lefty and the Giants have a lot of games remaining vs the Dodgers, a team that is a primarily left handed hitting lineup.
 3) Jeff Samardzija has been really bad lately and to win in the postseason you need to have a solid and reliable 3rd starter. Moore can now be that pitcher.
What other trades do you think we’re “under the radar” and will have a big influence on a teams postseason run?
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