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Top 40 Of The Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names
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Top 40: Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names

Top 40: Funny Fantasy Baseball Team Names

By: Shane Thompson

This is a hilarious scene from the movie “Knocked Up”.

“I got Matsui!”

You can find the top 40 team names below:


Team Names:

1) Soulja Boy Seug Hwan-Oh

2) Hideo Nomo Arigato

3) West Side Trevor Story

4) Yu Betts believe it’s for Sale

5) Where’s it Maeda? Taijuan

6) Two Grays One Rupp

7) The Devil went down to Pedroia

8) Sipping on Chen and Bruce

9) That’s just Duda Kris

10) Panic at the Frisco

11) The Price is Wright, Mitch

12) Humphrey Bogaerts

13) Well she’s a Guyer, so… (State Farm)

14) I Cano what you did last summer

15) Tanaka needs Binaca

16) Keep your love Locke down

17) Ohana means Familia

18) Don’t be Trout past ten

19) When in Romo

20) Kuhl Aid Man

21) Kipnis Protection Program

22) Szczur Salad

23) Mr.KimbrelisSyndergaardenCop


25) Tulo window, to the Qualls

26) Three Lindors Down

27) Red wine make me feel so Fien.

28) Green Street Finnegan’s

29) Breaking Vlad

30) Get in the zone, CJ Cron!

31) Nomar mister nice guy!

32) No Loup for you!

33) Huff Huff Pass

34) It’s Odorizzi said than done

35) Chien Ming Wang, up in Smoak

36) Red Hot Chili Scheppers

37) Ain’t Nothin’ but a Gangsta Marte

38) I don’t practice Santiago Casilla

39) Aaron Judgement Day

40) Ivan Casa Nova

This article was for you Zak Sauer! Rest In Peace buddy.

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