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“Stromme a Better Way” Top 20 Fantasy Quarterbacks

“Stromme a Better Way” Top 20 Fantasy Quarterbacks

Mike Stromme

  1. Drew Brees
  2. Cam Newton
  3. Russell Wilson
  4. Aaron Rodgers

The four horses in of the apocalypse… for your opponents. These four quarterbacks are grade-A material, well worth the draft capital. Among mot fantasy circles, Cam Newton is ranked number one. There’s a good reason for that, I see their point; he was downright amazing. However, it was a career year for cam, the Panthers had the easiest schedule in the NFL and you’re paying for the ceiling as opposed to the median. Drew Brees is the most consistent of the QB

Drew Brees is the best combination of explosive and safe you can draft at the quarterback position (image from

Drew Brees is the best combination of explosive and safe you can draft at the quarterback position (image from

studs, you’re more likely to get top QB numbers from Brees than any other QB in football. Yes, Rodgers has Jordy Nelson back, but he also has that same offensive line that put him on his back 47 times. I’d rather have the read-option QB with the big-play capability in Wilson who won’t make too many mistakes.

5. Phillip Rivers

6. Carson Palmer

These guys, at the end of the year, will have very similar counting stats. You really cannot go wrong, especially if you decide to wait on a QB. Carson will rely a little more on the big play for numbers, whereas Rivers is more of the dink-and-dunk QB; there’s a little less risk with Phillip in that sense. Week in, week out, Rivers will have the more consistent numbers.

7) Eli Manning

8) Tom Brady

9) Blake Bortles

10) Matthew Stafford

11) Kurt Cousins

12) Matt Ryan

13) Ben Roethlisberger

14) Andrew Luck

15) Andy Dalton

16) Derek Carr

If you’re the type to really wait on QB in standard leagues (which is my strategy of choice), or play in 2QB leagues, this is your sweet spot. Each one of these QBs could end up with top-five numbers, but all have a relatively high floor

Quarterback is a perpetually deep position in fantasy football. (image from

Quarterback is a perpetually deep position in fantasy football. (image from

as well. This is the range where QBs such as Palmer and Rivers were taken last year. Many of these guys will be available well into the 9th round, and they won’t burn you during the season.


17) Jameis Winston

18) Alex Smith

19) Ryan Tannehill

20) Brock Osweiler

In no way, shape or form should any of these guys be your QB1. However, they can be effective backups, bye-week fill-ins and matchup plays. Winston showed promise in his rookie season, posting over 4000 passing yards and 28 TD (including 6 on the ground). He just needs to improve the accuracy. Smith is absolutely nothing to write home about, but he will never kill you. Bank on the 17/25-220-2-1 type of lines from him. Statistically speaking, Tannehill was competent in 2015. However, I want to see how he adjusts to Adam Gase’s offense before I put him up with the tier above. The addition of Brock Osweiler to this list may puzzle some, but he does throw to DeAndre Hopkins now. That’s worth something, right? Also, extrapolate his 2015 stats over a 16 game stretch and his numbers would look something like 340/550- 3,934-20-12. The Texans also called 619 passing plays in 2015, it will be more of a gun slinging atmosphere in Houston this year.


Tony Romo and Marcus Mariota

I know that I’ll get some flack for not ranking Romo, but here me out. He’s 36-years-old, coming off (yet another) year of injury concerns and threw more interceptions than touchdowns while healthy in 2016. Plus, isn’t some kid named Elliot there now? The passing attempts will be down as well. Is he a fit for the Cowboys? Yes. Will he be successful when in the lineup? Probably. I just don’t love his fantasy impact or health with so many alternatives at QB.

Mariota showed flashes of promise. He also missed four games due to injury, not something I want to see from a running QB in his rookie year. Hopefully in 2016, the Titans give their face of the franchise a little more pocket presence, where he can be out of harms-way. Really hoping this guy takes a big leap forward in 2016.


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