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The Big Bat That Can Put The Cleveland Indians Back In The World Series In 2017
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Why the Cleveland Indians should sign Edwin Encarnacion

Why the Cleveland Indians should sign Edwin Encarnacion

By: Shane Thompson

I know what’s coming if you’re a Cleveland Indians fan. Why would you overpay for Edwin when you can get Napoli for cheaper? Or perhaps another power hitter that can either DH/play first base? What about Trumbo? Chris Carter? The easy way out would be to sign Napoli since he’s well loved by manager Terry Francona and is known for being a good clubhouse guy as well a role model to the youth of this franchise.




I believe it’s simple. They have some money to play with. Corey Kluber and Jason Kipnis’ contracts are very favorable along with Andrew Miller being the nucleus of the bullpen for the next two years. The life in Cleveland at this moment in time is pretty awesome, outside of the Browns of course (sorry Browns fans). You have Lebron James moving his talents from South Beach, back to Cleveland to win another NBA championship with arguably one of the best comebacks in all of the four major North American sports.




You also have Ohio State football, that won an NCAA Championship two years ago and will compete here on out. So I ask myself, why not the Cleveland Indians making a splash? Edwin Encarnacion is as good as it gets in the middle of your lineup. He’s not only a cleanup hitter that can hit balls over the fence and can drive in runs, but he ALWAYS has a professional at bat, he’s also known as a great clubhouse guy and can be that “father figure” for the Latin youth (Francisco Lindor, Danny Salazar, Jose Ramirez, the list goes on).




If you look back at when the Indians have had a flat out stud in the middle of their lineup, the first two names that come to mind are Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez.  Jim Thome eventually left for Philly and Manny went to Boston where he was one of the main pieces of their championship teams in 2004 and 2007. The stars are aligned, the money is there and Cleveland Indian fans have not seen the World Series trophy hoisted by any of their players since 1948. If they want to see it happen sooner rather than later, this is a move they have to make!

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