The SportsCrew | With Girardi Out, What’s Next For The Yankees?
The Shortlist Of Managerial Candidates For The Yankees Following Girardi's Departure
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With Girardi Out, What’s Next For The Yankees?

With Girardi Out, What’s Next For The Yankees?

By: Lou Landers – @realSportsCrew

I want to start off by saying that I am on team Joe and wish he would have been given a chance to take this team to the next level. He took a team in 2017 that was expected to finish in 4th place and had them just one win away from a World Series birth. Managing is not just about setting lineups and managing in game, it’s also about managing your coaches, managing 25 individual personalities and handling the media. Joe did all of those things very well.
I’m not suggesting that the Yankees will take a step back because of Girardi and the Yankees parting ways, but who the team decides to bring in as his replacement will surely be loved by some and scrutinized by others. There are a lot of different names floating around as possible replacements but to me, there are only 3 people who should really be considered. Some people may be upset with my next comment, but Tony Pena is not on my list.

The Obvious Choice: Al Pedrique
This choice is obvious because not only had Pedrique been managing in the Yankees organization for years, he has also managed a number of their current young players. As a young ball club, the Yankees will surely benefit from having a manager who can relate to the players while also knowing each players strengths and weaknesses. Pedrique has proven himself in the Yankees organization and current GM Brian Cashman is very familiar with his body of work. This is the likely candidate to take over the job in the Bronx but we will have to wow Cashman in his interviews.

Oldie But Goodie: Willie Randolph 
Most Yankees fans are familiar with Willie. He won championships with the team as a players in the 70’s and was part of the coaching staff during their dynasty in the 90’s. Willie is a proven winner, who has been around the game for a very long time and is beloved by Yankee fans. There is no doubt in my mind that hiring a manager who has won as both a player and a coach is the right move for the Yankees moving forward. This team is ready to take the next step and they need a leader who has accomplished the goal that they are trying to achieve.

Outside The Box: Alex Rodriguez 
Many people are probably either laughing at this choice or calling me an idiot for even having him on my list. Those feelings are warranted considering A-Rod has no experience managing and he did not leave the team on the best of terms. However, A-Rod is a student of the game, very knowledgeable and can teach the young players how to be professional hitters. He would also be a very young manager, which may be what this youthful Yankees ball club needs right now. A-Rod has had ups and downs in his career and I believe this current team can not only learn from the greatness that he enjoyed but also from the mistakes he made. Fans may not like A-Rod but it is well known that current and former players do respect him and that his clubhouse presence is a welcomed one.

Whoever gets this job will have a lot of pressure on them to deliver a championship within the first year or two of their contract. It may be one of the more desirable jobs in MLB but also the most pressure filled one too.
  • Terrell Butler
    Posted at 20:30h, 26 October Reply

    The Yankees will not be hiring a Minor League Manager. The First Guy is out. I can honestly see Dusty Baker getting the job. He won 95 games the last 2 seasons in Washington and that team is inferior to The Yankees. Give Dusty our team and they average 100+ victories.

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